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In order to keep parents informed of school activities, newsletters are issued every week. Day of issue is Wednesday and we would urge parents to check with their children on this day to ensure newsletters reach home. The oldest or only child in each family at school will receive a newsletter.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

tattler-210717.pdfNewsletter 21 July 2017tattler-21071721/07/20171717 KB
tattler-12072017.pdfNewsletter 12 July 2017tattler-1207201712/07/20175733 KB
tattler-21062017.pdfNewsletter 21 June 2017tattler-2106201721/06/20173416 KB
tattler-14062017.pdfNewsletter 14 June 2017tattler-1406201714/06/20173907 KB
tattler-07062017.pdfNewsletter 07 June 2017tattler-070620177/06/20173105 KB
tattler-05062017.pdfNewsletter 05 June 2017tattler-050620175/06/20173725 KB
Tattler-29052017.pdfNewsletter 29 May 2017Tattler-2905201729/05/20172748 KB
tattler-170517.pdfNewsletter 17 May 2017tattler-17051717/05/20172705 KB
tattler-150517.pdfNewsletter 15 May 2017tattler-15051715/05/20173325 KB
tattler-05052017.pdfNewsletter 05 May 2017tattler-050520175/05/20171864 KB
tattler-260417.pdfNewsletter 26 April 2017tattler-26041726/04/20171322 KB
tattler-200417.pdfNewsletter 20 April 2017tattler-20041720/04/2017810 KB
tattler-24032017.pdfNewsletter 24 March 2017tattler-2403201724/03/20171334 KB
tattler-16032017.pdfNewsletter 17 March 2017tattler-1603201717/03/2017872 KB
tattler-100317.pdfNewsletter 10 March 2017tattler-10031710/03/20171403 KB
Tattler 060317.pdfNewsletter 06 March 2017Tattler 0603176/03/2017833 KB
tattler-27-02-17.pdfNewsletter 27 February 2017tattler-27-02-1727/02/20171070 KB
newsletter-2016-11-30.pdfNewsletter 30 November 2016newsletter-2016-11-3030/11/20161103 KB